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Morphy Richards Irons

For a great choice of top-rated steam and vapour irons you need look no further.

We, at Electrical World, have an amazing collection direct from Morphy Richards. We know how important efficient, easy-to-use ironing equipment is and our range of irons are here to help you make your life and housework easier and will get you through your pile of laundry in no time at all.

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1 - 19 of 19 Products
1 - 19 of 19 Products

We have powerful steam generator irons. The steam power eases through creases, making ironing easier and faster than ever, providing durability and easy glide. Our vapour irons are the ideal solution for crease-free clothing, utilizing vapour mist technology to provide the perfect pressure, heat, and surface for gliding across clothing to create a perfect finish.

Morphy Richards have conquered the small appliance market in the UK since their humble beginnings 85 years ago in 1930, and are now actively facing the challenge of a changing marketplace, constantly aware of the need to find innovative ways of meeting consumer needs as well as adapting to new methods of retail distribution.

Currently, more homes in the UK have a Morphy Richards product than any other small appliance brand - Morphy Richards are dedicated to a future where this will continue to be the rule.

We currently stock Morphy Richards products with confidence that they will satisfy and enrich the day to day living practises of the modern customer.