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1 - 24 of 28 Products
We have a massive range of SWA Cables in stock available in different cores, diameters and core colours.

What is Steel Wire Armoured Cable?
Steel Wire Armoured Cable, also known as SWA or Armoured Cable, are multi-core power cables which have a layer of steel wire armour. The armour provides mechanical protection allowing the cable to withstand higher stresses, be buried directly, and can be used in internal, external and underground projects. It is mainly used for industrial wiring and mains distribution.

How are Steel Wire Armoured cables manufactured?
Steel Wire Armoured Cables are manufactured with several different layers and components. The main components of SWA cable is the:
Conductor. The conductor is usually multiple cores of plain stranded copper.
Insulation. The Insulation is used to protect the conductors from any water damage, particularly if the cable is buried underground. It also provides a barrier between the conductors and the other metal components, such as the armour.
Bedding. The PVC bedding acts as a buffer between the inner live parts of the cable and the outer components.
Steel Wire Armour. The Steel Wire Armour itself is placed over the bedding, providing the cable protection from stress. Sometimes, the armour can be used as the earth cable.
Cable sheathing. The cable sheath is used to protect the inner components of the cable and provides further protection from mechanical damage and stress.

Where are they used?
Armoured cable can be used for a vast array of applications but is mainly used for underground applications such as sewers and underground transport networks.
These cables are designed for installation in duct, clipped directly to a surface, on tray, in basket or in free air they may also be laid direct in ground in free draining soil or embedded in concrete.

You will notice that only multi-core cables are available in SWA. This is because steel is magnetic; when current passes through a single core, a magnetic field would be produced. This would as a result lead to current also massing through the steel wire, which can turn to overheating and causing a potential fire.

We guarantee to have a cable to meet your requirements and specification, if you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact our sales team on +44 (0) 28 66 335045 or via the contact form.