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Jewel Blade

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Jewel Blade Made in Sheffield Heavy Duty Utility Knife Stanley Blades
Jewel Blade Ultilty Blades 10 pack with Dispenser
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Jewel Blade Logo

With over 90 years of experience in the blade and razor industry, Jewel Blade Ltd began life in Sheffield as family-run business 'The Jewel Razor Company', producing quality razor blades and pioneering the then new stainless-steel manufacturing proscess.  Since that time, the company has developed and diversified, and in 1966 to the present day consistently produce products of the highest quality, ranging from durable workman's blades, to craft blades, appliance blades, and even still, high quality shaving razors at their factory in Hillsborough, Sheffield, to ship 80 million british blades to 52 countries per year. 

The consistency, durability, and impecable performance of Jewel Blade products is largely due to their strict adherence to ISO 9001 policies and procedures, ensuring to customers and stakeholders their ability to consistently provide the best product possible, and in part to the expertise of parent company W.R Swann, who produce high quality surgical blades and handles worldwide. The Jewel Blade company remains on the forefront of research and development in the sector, and utilizes the best equipment available in the manufacture of their product range.  
As an enviromentaly conscious company, Jewel Blade strives to co-operate with as many certificates as possible, and recently received the finalised ISO 14001 Certificate, stating "we are committed to conducting our business activities in a way that minimises the impact on the natural and human environment and prevents the pollution of the environment wherever possible."
The company offer a high level of customization in their products, from design down to the packaging, offering many options so the diverse needs of the customers are met. From DIY, to automotive manufacture, Glass cutting to food proscessing. 

Here we specialise in the two-notch heavy duty utility blades favoured by tradesmen and hobbyists across Europe. The Sheffield manufactured Trapezoidal Utility blades from Jewel Blade Ltd. use high-grade 0.43mm, 0.63mm, and 1mm carbon steel where illustrated, and the versatile design makes them suitable for many Industrial & Commercial applications, use in hand held knives, and an assortment of cutting machines.