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Duracell D batteries are a must-have product in many households and the work environment. They're perfect for everyday devices such as toys, remote controls and flashlights, torches, smoke alarms, microphones, remotes, wireless mice and keyboards.

Duracell Plus Power D LR20 Alkaline Battery (2 Pack)
Status D Cell Zinc Batteries - 2 Pack
Status D2500 - NiMH - Rechargeable - Batteries, 2 Pack
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Duracell Procell D Batteries, 10 Pack
Status D Cell Alkaline Batteries - 2 Pack
Duracell Industrial D LR20 Professional Alkaline Battery
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Duracell Duracell Plus Power C LR14 Alkaline Battery (2 Pack) C batteries provide reliable power for your everyday devices like motorized toys, flashlights, portable games consoles, remote controls, CD players, etc. and Duralock Power Preserve technology keeps them charged for up to 10 years in storage. Their improved technology gives longer-lasting and dependable power

The Duracell Duracell Industrial C LR14 Professional Alkaline Battery D has  been known to commercial institutions, fire departments and other professional groups as a reliable source of portable power for many years. These Duracell D batteries have an energy density that allows them to provide power for up to 10 times longer than conventional alkaline cells.

They're designed for professionals and for wholesale and professional trade customers, providing high quantities of dependable batteries at a cost-effective price.