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1 - 24 of 57 Products

Welcome to the World of Christmas Workshop
At Electrical World, we proudly feature Christmas Workshop, a brand dedicated to delivering premium festive decorations. Christmas Workshop products are crafted to the highest standards, providing reliable and dazzling solutions to make your holiday season special.

Why Choose Christmas Workshop?

  • Vibrant Lights: Christmas Workshop lights come in a variety of colors and styles, including ultra-bright LED string lights and icicle chaser lights, to suit any decor and mood.
  • Durable Trees: High-quality artificial Christmas trees available in various sizes, including frosted and pre-lit options, ensuring a beautiful centerpiece for your holiday decor.
  • Innovative Designs: From LED cone trees to battery-operated lights with timers, Christmas Workshop products incorporate the latest technologies for ease of use and enhanced festive spirit.
  • Versatile Applications: Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, Christmas Workshop decorations are perfect for creating a festive atmosphere throughout your home and garden.

Product Ranges

  • LED String Lights: Ultra-bright LED string lights in warm white, cool white, and multi-colored options, featuring multiple lighting modes and memory functions to retain settings. Ideal for decorating trees, homes, and gardens.
  • Icicle Chaser Lights: These 480 LED icicle chaser lights come with 8 different settings, providing a stunning display for outdoor decorations. They are mains operated and feature a durable build for long-term use【127】【129】.
  • Artificial Christmas Trees: Durable and lifelike trees, including the 7ft Frosted Pre-Lit Berry Christmas Tree and 3ft Green Fibre Optic Christmas Tree, offer easy setup and long-lasting beauty【130】【131】.
  • Outdoor Cone Trees: The 6ft 573 LED Outdoor Cone Tree is available in both warm white and cool white options, featuring a star tree topper and 8-mode speed control unit, perfect for creating a striking outdoor display【130】.
  • Battery Operated Lights: Convenient battery-operated LED lights with timers, such as the 200 LED Battery Operated Timer Lights, provide flexibility for decorating areas without access to mains power【128】.

Our commitment to quality means that when you choose Christmas Workshop from Electrical World, you're investing in products that deliver exceptional performance and festive cheer. Whether you're decorating your home, garden, or a special event, Christmas Workshop provides the decorations you need to create a magical holiday atmosphere.

Join the many satisfied customers who rely on Christmas Workshop for their holiday decorating needs. Explore our range of Christmas Workshop products today and experience the difference in quality and innovation.

In the market for festive decorations, brands like Premier Decorations, Noma, and Konstsmide offer various solutions. However, Christmas Workshop stands out with its focus on vibrant lights, durable trees, and innovative designs. Unlike Premier Decorations’ extensive range, Christmas Workshop provides a curated selection focused on quality and performance. Noma is known for its traditional decorations, while Christmas Workshop combines modern, energy-efficient LED technology with classic holiday charm. Konstsmide offers high-end decorations, but Christmas Workshop balances affordability with high quality. Choose Christmas Workshop for superior, reliable festive decorations that bring joy to your home.