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Zexum M20 IP68 Nylon Cable Gland with Locknut
Zexum M12 IP68 Nylon Cable Gland with Locknut
Zexum PG13.5 IP68 Nylon Cable Gland with Locknut
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RRP £0.23
Save 30%
RRP £3.29
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Zexum M25 IP68 Cable Gland - Black - 10 PACK
Zexum 2" Female Brass Bush - 10 PACK
Zexum Female Brass Bushes - 10 PACK
RRP £9.50
Save 10%
Buy Now£1.28
RRP £2.13
Save 40%
Zexum M16 IP68 Nylon Cable Gland with Locknut
Zexum PG9 IP68 Nylon Cable Gland with Locknut
Zexum PG21 IP68 Nylon Cable Gland with Locknut
RRP £3.23
Save 94%
RRP £2.90
Save 94%
RRP £0.72
Save 31%

The Cable Gland is designed to allow cable entry through an enclosure or panel. It is primarily used for inserting a length of cable into a device or piece of electrical equipment, whilst maintaining a safe and tight seal to provide a variety of benefits including Sealing and Retention, Earthing/Grounding, Bonding & Insulation.

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Zexum Logo

Zexum, Founded in 2013 has become a Market Leading and Innovative UK Brand of Electrical and Security Products.

With a wide range of Products ranging from Cable to Fans, Caravan Leads to Cable Spoolers, AC/DC Adapters to Extension Leads, Light Fittings to Trunking and everything in-between, Zexum has a product to meet your electrical or security requirements.

Zexum not only supply but also manufacture Caravan Cables and Hook-up Leads from their UK Manufacturing Facility. These cables are Made in the UK - Giving these added value and safety!