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Zexum Earthing

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Zexum 10mm Non-Insulated Copper Cable Lug
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The earthing system, also known as the grounding system connects specific individual parts of on installation with the conductive surface of the Earth functionality and safety.

Products we stock - cable lug, conductor connector, earth rod clamp, earth rod driving stud, radiator earth clamp, earth bonding pipe clamp, earth rod coupler, earth rod. 

Zexum Logo

Zexum, Founded in 2013 has become a Market Leading and Innovative UK Brand of Electrical and Security Products.

With a wide range of Products ranging from Cable to Fans, Caravan Leads to Cable Spoolers, AC/DC Adapters to Extension Leads, Light Fittings to Trunking and everything in-between, Zexum has a product to meet your electrical or security requirements.

Zexum not only supply but also manufacture Caravan Cables and Hook-up Leads from their UK Manufacturing Facility. These cables are Made in the UK - Giving these added value and safety!