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We, at Electrical World, supply an array of batteries. 

From the sealed lead acid battery such as the 12/6v sealed lead acid, the 9v PPE or the more domestically well known Duracell AA, AAA, C battery, D battery - and many others besides.

To be used in devices such as a smoke detector, a heat detector and a carbon monoxide alarm(a device that detects the presence of the carbon monoxide (CO) gas in order to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning).

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Zexum 12V 12Ah Sealed Lead Acid Battery
Zexum 12V 3.4Ah Sealed Lead Acid Battery
Zexum 12V 15AH Sealed Lead Acid Battery
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Zexum 6V 4Ah Sealed Lead Acid Battery
Zexum 12V 17Ah Lead Acid Battery
Zexum Uninterruptible Power Supply
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The batteries also work for temperature heat alarmselectric smoke alarm (typically as an indicator of fire) and in power supplies (an electrical device that supplies electric power to an electrical load)
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Zexum, Founded in 2013 has become a Market Leading and Innovative UK Brand of Electrical and Security Products.

With a wide range of Products ranging from Cable to Fans, Caravan Leads to Cable Spoolers, AC/DC Adapters to Extension Leads, Light Fittings to Trunking and everything in-between, Zexum has a product to meet your electrical or security requirements.

Zexum not only supply but also manufacture Caravan Cables and Hook-up Leads from their UK Manufacturing Facility. These cables are Made in the UK - Giving these added value and safety!