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Wiska EC 308 Brass Earthing Plate (2 pack)

The earthing system, also known as the grounding system connects specific individual parts of on installation with the conductive surface of the Earth functionality and safety.

Products we stock - cable lug, conductor connector, earth rod clamp, earth rod driving stud, radiator earth clamp, earth bonding pipe clamp, earth rod coupler, earth rod. 

Wiska Logo

90 Years ago, the partnership that would later become the WISKA company invented and began production of the first thermoset plastic cable gland. In 1994, they became the first manufacturer of multiple reefer sockets in Europe, in which they are now a world leader. And in 2007, the VentGLAND was introduced to the worldwide market as the first breathing cable gland. 

It is with this far-looking innovation and ambition that make WISKA one of the most trusted and respectable cable gland and installation material companies worldwide. Founded as a family business almost 100 years ago, and led by the Hoppmann family over three generations, The WISKA company has been expanding constantly since they first began producing brass ship installaton equipment. 

Now with several subsidary companies and sales offices worldwide, WISKA continue to produce cable glands, supplying the worldwide maritime industry as a single source, as well as divisions in CCTV security, setting worldwide standards in the field.  
It is this experience in maritime enviroments that makes WISKA products dependable as durable weatherproof products.

Our selection of WISKA junction boxes are weatherproof, resistant to UV, Shatter-proof and impact resistant. They are ideal for use in extreme conditions, and are flame retardant and halogen free, and feature a soft self sealing membrane for fast cable entry.