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Tagu Larsen Electric Fireplace
Tagu Frode Electric Fireplace
Tagu PowerFlame 23 Inch Electric Fire
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Tagu Helmi Electric Fireplace
Tagu Gala Electric Fireplace
Tagu Magna Electric Fireplace
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Tagu Reino Electric Fireplace
Tagu Hagen Electric Fireplace
Tagu Tori Electric Fireplace
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Tagu Logo

TAGU is not a corporation. It is a group of friends who are truly passionate about their work and what they do. TAGU is a manufacturer specialized in electric fireplaces and was founded by Bogdan Bot and Marian Popescu in the cold winter of 2014.

All the magic takes place inside our headquarters, located in Oradea and Cluj-Napoca, Romania. From here, we run all operations: design, manufacturing, logistics and finally distribution.

Each TAGU product is both our pride and our responsibility. We strive for perfection and are obsessed with every detail to ensure that everything is efficient, relevant, user-friendly and will stand the test of time. 

Over the years, we have been listening to our customers and used their feedback to improve our products. As a result, our mantels are finished using premium wood veneer, can be easily assembled in less than 30 minutes and are packed according to ISTA 3A standards.