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OYN-X CCTV Accessories

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OYN-X 20m BNC and Power CCTV Cable
OYN-X Deep Base Ring for Dome Camera
OYN-X DC Jack Plug Connector
RRP £15.83
Save 54%
RRP £25.99
Save 58%
RRP £0.99
Save 62%
OYN-X BNC RG59 Crimp Connector
OYN-X BNC to Cat5 Video Balun for HD CCTV (Pair)
OYN-X BNC to Cat5 Right Angled Video Balun for CCTV (Pair)
RRP £0.99
Save 49%
RRP £8.95
Save 23%
OYN-X BNC Ground Loop Isolator for CCTV
OYN-X 12V 5A 4 Way CCTV Camera Power Supply Unit With AC-DC Adaptors
RRP £17.00
Save 7%
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When it comes to CCTV accessories we have the lot. From CCTV cabling to CCTV in operation stickers, ground loop isolators to medium boxed power supply AC-DC PSU.
OYN-X Logo

UK based CCTV security hardware brand OYN-X (Also Known as Qvis CCTV) are a trusted name in the industry by consumers and professionals alike. Parent company Adata, founded in 2002, is in an internationally respected and recognized manufacturer and distributor, and have given OYN-X the edge to manufacture a premium user-friendly product that is at the forefront of modern product technology in the sector. 

Utilizing the latest in technological features in their product range, such as video analytics like motion detection and intruder alert emails, iphone and android compatibility etc. OYN-X Ensures professional level gear, with none of the complications. OYN-X also offer analog hardware along with IP products, ensuring the needs of any customer is met with ease.

OYN-X systems are comprehensive but can also be installed in a modular fashion, meaning you can make the switch from an analog system to the next generation of security hardware with ease, and at your own pace. OYN-X products feature TVI technology, meaning for your convenience they are backwards compatible with analog hardware, but still bennefit from HD technology, where other modern technologies do not offer this functionality.

OYN-X's catalogue features a wide range of products from small covert PIR internal cameras, to varifocal day and night mounted bullet cameras. The OYN-X range of DVRs are also highly customizable, offering a range of track numbers and hard drive sizes, meaning you can spend only for what you need to keep your Premesis monitored safely and efficiently, at OYN-X's competitive price.