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The Best Electric Heating for your Home

We all need home heating. If we live in the UK and don’t want to catch cold over the winter, it’s important to find an effective, reliable and economical home heating solution – whether we’re engineers, scientists, electricians, copywriters, graphic designers, teachers, tinkers, tailors, candlestick makers, supply chain planners or waste management disposal technicians. Whatever our profession, whatever our knowledge, skills and expertise, we need to be able to find heating products which will keep our families warm, healthy and comfortable throughout the year. However, if you’re researching heating systems for the first time you may feel like you need a PhD in physics just to get started. Convection heaters, panel radiators, fan heaters, storage heaters – what’s the difference? What do they all mean? Which will be the most economical heating solution for your home? Industry jargon can be confusing, and the difficulties are compounded when companies use different names for the same type of product. At Electrical Europe we strive to label and describe our products as unambiguously as possible, so you always know what you’re buying. To help you out, we’ve put together a guide to some of our most popular heaters with suggestions for when they might be the best choice for your home.

When to choose a panel heater?
Panel heaters, otherwise known as convection heaters or panel radiators, heat by convection alone: using hot unenclosed elements in the radiator body to warm the air circulating around the room. Convection is not always the most efficient way to heat but it is fast and effective. Panel heaters are cheaper to buy than electric radiators but are not intended for constant use in a permanent location – the unenclosed elements can burn the air and cause wall blackening over time. This makes panel heaters the best choice for rooms you use on an irregular basis such as spare rooms, offices or workshops. Lightweight and with easy free standing or wall mounted fitting, panel radiators are very portable – a great itinerant heating solution.

Our new Elnur panel heaters bring convection heating into the 21st century with state-of-the-art heating control systems that allow you to schedule your heating as economically with panels as you would with radiators.

When to choose an electric radiator?
Our electric radiators are designed to provide energy efficient heating throughout your home. With innovative thermal elements, state-of-the-art programming and a high precision thermostat, energy efficient electric radiators will provide heating when and where you need it – switching off when heating is not needed or a comfortable temperature has been reached. More controllable than gas central heating, more effective than storage heaters or panel heaters, electric radiators represent one of the most intelligent heating solutions on the market – cutting down your heating bills by minimising the amount of power used whilst still providing comfortable heating throughout the home. The best choice for bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens and conservatories.

When to choose a towel rail?
An electric towel rail is one of the best heating solutions for bathrooms. Our heated towel rails heat up fast and warm bathrooms thoroughly and effectively – so you won’t be shivering when you get out of the bath or shower. Because bathrooms need heat at different times of the day to the rest of your house an electric heater is a much more efficient choice than a gas central heating radiator because it can be controlled independently of the rest of your system. You can also save space and enjoy soft, warm towels whenever you visit the bathroom. Check out our range of stylish heated towel rails now.

When to choose a bathroom heater?
A quartz bathroom heater is a budget alternative ideal for smaller bathrooms and wash rooms where there is limited space. A towel rail or electric radiator may be unnecessarily large and powerful in those small wash spaces where you only spend a few minutes a day – and you certainly don’t want to be paying a gas bill to keep a little-used bathroom warm all day. But neither do you want to be shivering whenever you pop to the loo. A Stiebel Eltron bathroom heater is the perfect compromise – providing instant heat at the touch of a button. Simply switch the heater on when you enter the bathroom and it will keep you cosy until you leave: comfort heating for tiny running costs.

When to choose a storage heater?
Storage heaters have fallen out of fashion somewhat since their boom in popularity in the 1970s. Storage heaters work by charging up through the night, using an Economy 7 tariff in which electricity is cheaper at night, and releasing heat throughout the day. As electric radiators have become more and more efficient, our customers are increasingly finding that electric radiators are the more economical option even whilst using electricity at a more expensive rate. This is because electric radiators allow you to control your heating, conserving energy by switching off when you’re out of the house or not using certain rooms. Storage heaters will release heat constantly throughout the day until they run out of charge so will only be the best choice if you’re at home throughout the day. Useful in your living room if you’re retired or as a heating solution for living spaces in care homes.