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KnightsBridge Light Fittings

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KnightsBridge 230V 13W LED Linkable Striplight 4000K (838mm)
KnightsBridge Microwave 1 - 10V Dimming Sensor for LED High Bay
KnightsBridge HBN 80° Reflector 462mm
RRP £37.08
Save 59%
RRP £114.00
Save 43%
RRP £51.20
Save 59%
KnightsBridge HBN 80° Reflector 382mm
KnightsBridge 230V IP65 2x58W 5ft Twin HF Non-Corrosive Fluorescent Fitting with Emergency
KnightsBridge 230V IP65 2x36W 4ft Twin HF Non-Corrosive Fluorescent Fitting with Emergency
RRP £48.00
Save 57%
RRP £282.20
Save 57%
RRP £237.08
Save 57%
KnightsBridge 230V IP65 2x18W 2ft Twin HF Non-Corrosive Fluorescent Fitting
KnightsBridge 230V IP65 200W LED High Bay
KnightsBridge 230V IP65 150W LED High Bay
RRP £70.36
Save 41%
RRP £438.72
Save 60%
RRP £243.72
Save 60%
KnightsBridge 230V 9W LED Linkable Striplight 4000K (538mm)
KnightsBridge 230V 4W LED Linkable Striplight 4000K (277mm)
KnightsBridge 230V 22W LED Linkable Striplight 4000K (1438mm)
RRP £29.80
Save 60%
RRP £24.76
Save 59%
RRP £52.00
Save 52%
KnightsBridge 230V 18W LED Linkable Striplight 4000K (1138mm)
KnightsBridge 230V 10A Single Circuit Track White 1Mtr
RRP £45.28
Save 59%
RRP £30.16
Save 57%

KnightsBridge Logo KnightsBridge, also known as MLA or M L Accessories has been established as one of the UK's leading importers and distributors of Wiring Accessories and Lighting & Lamps.

Founded in 1998, M L Accessories have became known as providing quality products for both the domestic and commercial markets. The expansion of their range has been vast over the past number of years, diversifying and becoming experts in a number of product ranges and types.

With a variety of strong, durable and value for money with product types and brands such as the *Pure Range Switches & Sockets*, Screwless Switches & Socket Range, *Flat Plate Switches & Sockets Range*, *Fire Knight* and *Pro Knight*, Knightsbridge has a product to meet your requirements weather it be fire proof, water proof or a simple recessed downlight.

A massive variety of recessed lights are also available in the KnightsBridge range, both fire proof and standard available in a variety of sizes, styles, finished, fixed or tilted and suitable for *standard Lamps*, LED Lamps or *CFL Bulbs*.

All products come with a minimum of 1 years warranty from the manufacture