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Kasp Wireless Motion Sensor Alarm with Keypad
Kasp Wireless PIR Detector Garage & Shed Intruder Alarm
Kasp Wireless 3 in 1 Ultra Loud Alarm & Light
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Kasp Portable Motion Detector Ultra Loud Alarm
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Wire-free storage unit alarms quick and easy to install, requiring no wiring or mains power. A convenient and effective PIR (Passive Infra Red) motion sensor alarm that offers peace of mind through round the clock protection for the user. 
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Formed in 2006 as a vassal of Carl Kammerling Internation Ltd, Kasp faced the difficult task of breaking into the already mature market of lock based security. However Kasp soon became recognized in the industry as innovators and quality providers of excellent security products, and are now supply to leading grocery stores, High street stores, industry and online suppliers, and trade catalogue companies. Kasp's versatile locks are suitable for meeting the demands of both home and industrial security alike, and in their first year of business were awarded the coveted Silver Award within the security industry, and their products are now taking the security markets of over 15 countries by storm.

Here on Electrical Europe, we stock a range of Kasp products, from Combination Locks, To Heavy duty Padlocks, Bike security, to Graphite Powder, ensuring all your security needs are met with a quality lock at an excellent price.