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Hozelock offers a comprehensive range of innovative watering products designed to simplify garden maintenance. Known for their reliability, ease of use, and high performance, Hozelock products ensure efficient watering and care for your plants. Trust Hozelock for all your garden watering needs.


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1 - 8 of 8 Products
1 - 8 of 8 Products

Welcome to the World of Hozelock

At Electrical World, we proudly feature Hozelock, a brand dedicated to providing top-quality watering solutions. Hozelock products are engineered to the highest standards, offering reliable and efficient solutions for all your garden watering needs.

Why Choose Hozelock?

  • Innovative Designs: Hozelock products feature advanced technology and design innovations that simplify watering tasks and improve garden care.
  • High-Quality Materials: Made from durable materials, Hozelock products ensure long-lasting performance and reliability.
  • Comprehensive Range: From hoses and reels to sprayers and watering kits, Hozelock offers a wide selection of products to meet all your watering needs.
  • Ease of Use: Designed with the user in mind, Hozelock products are easy to install, operate, and maintain.
  • Trusted Brand: With a history of excellence, Hozelock is a name you can trust for high-quality watering solutions.

Product Ranges

  • Standard Pressure Sprayer: Available in various sizes (5L, 7L, 10L), these sprayers are ideal for multiple applications, featuring adjustable nozzles and integrated pressure release valves​ (Electrical World)​.
  • Automatic Pot Watering Kit: An easy-to-install system for automatic watering of pots, borders, and vegetable patches, helping you keep plants healthy with minimal effort​ (Electrical World)​.
  • Superhoze Expanding Hose: This lightweight, flexible hose expands up to three times its original length, ensuring kink-free and easy maneuvering around the garden​ (Electrical World)​.
  • Viton Pressure Sprayer: A heavy-duty industrial sprayer equipped with Viton seals for durability and resistance to aggressive chemicals, perfect for demanding garden tasks​ (Electrical World)​.
  • Compact Wall Mounted Hose Reel: Includes 15m of hose and can store up to 30m of hose, featuring a manual rewind handle for easy hose storage and usage​ (Electrical World)​.

Our commitment to quality means that when you choose Hozelock from Electrical World, you're investing in products that deliver superior performance and reliability. Whether you're watering a small garden or managing extensive landscaping, Hozelock provides the solutions you need.

Join the many satisfied customers who rely on Hozelock for their watering needs. Explore our range of Hozelock products today and experience the difference in quality and innovation.

In the market of watering solutions, brands like Gardena, Kärcher, and Claber offer various options. However, Hozelock stands out with its innovative designs, high-quality materials, and user-friendly products. Unlike Gardena's focus on irrigation technology, Hozelock offers a broader range of garden watering solutions. Kärcher is known for its pressure washers, while Hozelock excels in comprehensive watering products. Claber provides quality watering systems, but Hozelock ensures a perfect balance of functionality and ease of use. Choose Hozelock for reliable, high-quality, and advanced watering solutions.