Colour Temperature Guide

Colour Temperature: Explained


 Colour temperature is a characteristic of  visible light measured in °K (Kelvin) Is an attribute seen widely across our lighting department.

It refers to the hue from red to blue light produced by your bulb; the higher the number in °K the bluer the light.

This spectrum is commonly split into 3 main groups for sale; Daylight White, Warm White, & Cool White.

Each of these colour types has its advantages in modern homes & businesses, and as such warm white bulbs are still commonly found & manufactured despite the rise of white lighting in modern homes.


Keep in mind that manufacturers may vary slightly in their definition of these groups; and where possible, ensure you buy bulbs that are a match to the closest °K you can get. A mismatch in bulbs can become irritating for many people, and its best to avoid this by double checking.

We carry a wide range of bulbs in all styles and colour temperatures for a perfect fit in your home, from traditional fittings and bulbs to the cutting edge in lighting technologies.

If you require further assistance in selecting a bulb please contact customer service and we will do our very best to help you.