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C.K Magma Technicians Max Tool Case
C.K Magma Black & Red Soft Technicians Electricians Tool Case Plus Storage Bag with Hard Waterproof Base
C.K Magma Hand Tool Pouch for Electricians & Technicians Equipment
RRP £119.98
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RRP £94.74
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RRP £13.86
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C.K Magma Electricians Toolbelt Set with Drill Holster Pouch & Phone Holder
C.K Magma Test Equipment Case holder
C.K Magma Weatherproof Builders Nail Tool Storage Belt Pouch
RRP £73.50
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RRP £50.57
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RRP £27.73
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C.K Magma Technicians Heavy Duty Tool Storage Open Tote Bag Case Organiser
C.K Magma Compact Padded Heavy Duty Durable Tool Belt with Quick Release
C.K Magma Heavy Duty Padded Tool Belt for Electricians & Builders
RRP £51.66
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RRP £13.86
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RRP £26.34
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C.K Magma Hand Tool Roll Storage Carry Bag With Durable Strap
C.K Magma Chisel Roll Carving Tools Storage Bag With Durable Strap
C.K Magma 3 Pocket Pack Zip Belt & Tool Pouches Bag
RRP £22.87
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RRP £15.71
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RRP £11.56
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C.K Magma Clip On Swinging Hammer Loop Holder Holster
C.K Magma 18" Open Tool Tote
C.K Magma 3-in-1 Tools and Materials Tote
RRP £10.39
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RRP £27.59
Save 18%
C.K Magma Professional Toolbelt Set with Padded Belt Drill Holster & Tool Pouch
C.K Magma Weatherproof Nail Storage Pouch with Reinforced Zip Pocket for Toolbelt
C.K Magma Clip On Tape Measure Holder with Pencil Pen Slot for Toolbelt
RRP £55.48
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RRP £11.09
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RRP £9.70
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C.K Magma Clip On Knife Holder Cutproof Safety Pocket for Toolbelt
C.K Magma Toolbelt Belt Braces Conversion Kit Attachment
C.K Magma Heavy Duty Technicians Tool Carrier Vest with 14 Pockets
RRP £12.47
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RRP £5.76
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RRP £46.69
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C.K Magma Builders Rig Heavy Duty Tool Holder Vest & Padded Belt
C.K Magma Heavy Duty Adjustable Padded Tool Belt Braces Storage Support
C.K Magma Attachable Cable Strap Carrier Toolbelt Strap Loop
RRP £61.26
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RRP £24.26
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RRP £6.23
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C.K Magma Weatherproof Electricians Tool Storage Belt Pouch
C.K Magma Builders Premium Heavy Duty Padded Toolbelt & Pouch Set
C.K Magma Tradesman & Technician Heavy Duty Tool Storage Open Tote Bag Case
RRP £27.73
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RRP £73.50
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RRP £80.23
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C.K Magma Rucksack Bag for Tool & Document Storage with Plastic Base
C.K Magma Technicians Durable Tools & Documents Storage Rucksack Bag
C.K Magma Maxi Weatherproof Durable Tool Storage Bag  with Tough Plastic Base
RRP £86.12
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RRP £72.24
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RRP £71.66
Save 22%
C.K Magma Mini Weatherproof Durable Tool Storage Case Bag with Tough Plastic Base
C.K Magma Cordless Tool Belt Electric Drill Holster
C.K Magma Mobile Phone Holder Rubberised & Weatherproof Pouch
RRP £64.74
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RRP £16.63
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RRP £13.86
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C.K Magma Contractors Zipped A4 Document Case Organiser Folder
C.K Magma Black & Red Soft Technicians Electricians Tool Storage Case Bag
RRP £32.63
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RRP £79.46
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C.K Magma, also known as Carl Kammerling International is the UK's and Europe's Leading manufacture of Tool Storage products.

Founded in 1904, all C.K products have been developed with both the professional and consumer in mind. Manufactured from heavyweight polyester for exceptional durability and to give a truly smarter looking design, along with reinforced pocket stitching teamed with heavy duty zips, the C.K Magma Range keeps your tools secure yet easily accessible.

All the Tool Bags, Belts and Totes are driven by research and the understanding of the real day to day needs of all trade professionals. This has lead to industry leading products being developed and innovations on a year on year basis. They are built to provide all the functionality, comfort and protection that all trade professionals need. This can be seen particularly with the C.K Magma MA2630 Tool Case and the C.K Magma MA2632 Tool Case Plus.

C.K is dedicated to pushing the boundaries of developing products to meet the needs of the end users, crafting and shaping the items to meet whatever requirements they have. C.K Magma give a contemporary and modern look and is the preferred choice of trade professionals who aspire to look good at work and at leisure.

All C.K Magma products come with a lifetime warranty for imperfect materials or workmanship from the manufacture.