Blackspur Cable Ties & Mounts

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Blackspur 300 x 7.9mm Stainless Steel Cable Tie - 10 PIECE
Blackspur 360 x 4.6mm Stainless Steel Cable Tie - 20 PIECE
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Cable ties, an essential part of any toolkit, are used to hold items together, usually electrical cables or wires. The cable tie mount allows the cable to be neatly routed away from any potential snagging points and to stop any rattling. They are essential for a professional fitting job as firmly mounting the cable reduces the risk of cables being pulled out of location.

Choose from our large selection of cable ties, available in a variety of colours, materials, lengths and widths and the cable tie mounts to go with them. They are quick and easy to fit, are completely reliable and durable and available here at amazing prices.