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Win a 48L Wine Fridge Full of Coke!

In partnership with GlenDimplex Northern Ireland, we're giving away this 48L Fridge to our facebook followers & customers to thank you for your loyalty & support. for your chance to win this great prize, simply fill out the form below using your facebook account, and you could be the proud owner of the small but mighty DF50B from LEC.

One of the top players in refridgeration, LEC's stylish 48L countertop offering is deceptively spacious, in fact we ran out of Coke cans long before we ran out of space. This makes the DF50B ideal for home & commercial bars!

Maybe you love putting on the best parties, why let your guests rummage through old packets of ham and pickled eggs to reach their favourite drink, when you could have a purposed fridge right in the centre of the party!

Maybe you like to cool down after a heavy session at the gym, what better a way to relax than with an ice cool taste of your favourite water or energy drink!

Or maybe you're a student; your diet is mostly ginger nuts and instant noodles (let's be honest here.) and all you really need a fridge for is milk. While hanging your milk in a plastic bag out the window had it's day, the DF50B is exceptionally cheap to run, and we think it's a much better alternative.

Whatever your reason for using this fridge, it's a brilliant addition to any home, and it's going absolutely free to one lucky winner! 

Oh, and it's full of actual cola that we will actually send you because we're just nice like that.