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Stockists of Elnur Heating

At Electrical Europe we are product to announce the latest addition to our growing heating range, Elnur Heating Products.

A little bit about Elnur..
Elnur was founded in 1973 and since then, have established themselves as one of the leading European providers of the most efficient heating system in the world: electric heating.

Over 40 years later, they still maintain the same enthusiasm and commitment to offering a wide range of unique products which cater for the varying needs of their customers, wherever in the world they may be.

With facilities spanning over 20,000 m2, an extensive general and technical team and a complete range of products developed to meet the highest expectations of their customers, Elnur provide you with the most efficient heating solutions in an ever-changing world.

Manufacturing at the Elnur premises allows total control of the production process: Their metal working stations use the latest technology which gives the control and the opportunity to get the best quality from every single component. Fully automated electrostatic powder coating station, guarantees a perfect finish of their products, fully resistant to aging and corrosion. Five assembly lines produce a year-round service of more than 150.000 thermal inertia radiators, 40.000 storage heaters and 30,000 convectors and other electric heating devices.

Elnur is fully committed to quality.

Rigorous control is applied to each phase of the production process from the initial design of the product, continuous assessment of suppliers and materials, monitoring of each stage in the manufacturing process and the final check of every single product being tested one by one before packaging.

Complete trace-ability is established for every product that is designed and manufactured, and they guarantee customers that every appliance leaving our factory is in full working order.

Company & Product International Certifications
ISO 9001: 2008 Quality Control Management System which certifies the implementation and maintenance of the system through a cycle of continuous improvement in the performance of its procedures in all areas of the company, with the aim of achieving greater customer satisfaction.

ISO 14001: 2004 Environmental Management System which guarantees that their procedures are developed in accordance with environmental care and respect throughout the production process, from initial design to the final production.

Safety, performance and efficiency are accompanied by a high quality standard of manufacturing, supported by internationally-recognized and independent certification bodies.

Adapting to customer Needs
Elnur is aware that there are many variables that affect the decision about which is the best electric heating solution for each home or facility. such as:
  • The degree of insulation in the building.
  • Weather conditions in the area.
  • Any existing installations for heating and domestic hot water.
  • The purpose of the heating system, and whether heating is required 24 hours a day, or only for a few hours.
  • Customer budget.
  • Other more subjective factors, such as customer tastes and preferences.
For these reasons they have developed a complete range of exclusive products adapted to all kinds of needs, to consistently fulfill the highest of expectations.
  • Storage heaters, the ideal heating solution to keep your home warm 24 hours a day at an unbeatable cost.
  • Thermal inertia radiators, which allow total control over temperature and electricity consumption.
  • Ecombi, a new concept in electric heating that combines the great advantages of storage heating with the most innovative technology in temperature and electricity consumption management.
  • Electric water heaters, which use the best insulation, anti-corrosion and anti-calcification technology currently on the market.
  • Towel rails and towel dryers, the best options for heating your bathroom and drying delicates.
  • Modulating electric boilers, which offer safety and the highest level of efficiency in central heating systems.
  • Industrial heaters specifically designed for heating large spaces.
  • Patio Heaters, a rapid solution for heating a room occasionally or for short periods of time during the day. Other heating solutions: convectors, indoor and outdoor infrared heaters, fan heaters, hand dryers-all ideal additional solutions for your comfort at home. 
  • Accessories which undoubtedly enhance the advantages offered by our products by improving usability, optimizing performance and minimizing energy cost.

Innovation and Efficiency
Forty years of experience guarantees top-quality manufacturing and design in electric heating systems.

Their main aim is 100% customer satisfaction, and being able to meet the highest of expectations at all times.