Affiliate Partnerships

In our efforts to expand our reach in bringing great products to new customers all over the world, Electrical World now employs affiliate marketing schemes: namely Affiliate Window, a well established marketing platform designed to bring merchants & advertisers together in a well regulated & fair business relationship.

Electrical World would like to welcome all affiliate partnership applications for review, offering great commission rates with performance based bonus incentives!

Whether your site is a blog, price comparison site, voucher code provider, or any other kind of site, we will review all applications!

We will supply you with everything you need to promote us, including complete banners & GIFs, promotion details, and discount codes, with exclusives available for good performers.

Becoming an affiliate advertiser is free, and we ask nothing from you other than inclusion on your day to day web based advertising schemes at minimum.

For your oppourtunity to represent one of the UKs top electrical wholesalers on your site, and to see our full list of bennefits & terms, look for us on affiliate window today! (ID:7170)


Affiliate Technology and Statistics

Many affiliate programmes rely on the customer ordering a product within a certain amount of time or before they close their Internet browser.
With our affiliate programme your customer can take all the time they need - If they place an order anytime within 30 days you will still receive commission!

What's in it for me?

-Commission paid on all sales made through the Electrical World  banner or text link on your website
-Commission paid monthly
-Free to join through Affiliate Window - please see how below.

Nothing to Lose! 

Joining our affiliate programme is 100% free of charge. All you have to do is display a banner on your web site and wait for your commission to arrive in your bank!

How do I become a affiliate?

•Follow screen instructions to sign up to Affiliate Window as an affiliate Click Here
•Click "Join Program"
•Follow screen to sign up to Affiliate Window as an affiliate
•All you need to do now is search our banners and text links and add them to your website.

For further information please contact